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and another thing. . .

Originally posted by kurt walrath
Yes for the most part 24/7 ( with a weekend
off here and there)in a production, make
a meager living off it environment.

I don't know what you are doing but I know that
my furnace design gets long life, I suspect due
to the fact that the elements are in a separate
chamber from the batch. Long element life is not all that
it's cracked up to be however. the last
few months of those elements it was taking forever
to melt as they lost power. the power loss is gradual
as they age and you don't notice it while
it's happening. you really notice it when you put
a new set in and are able to quit charging 3 hours
earlier than the last time. I think maybe I
will start looking for a surplus hourmeter to
put on my furnace to keep better track of the element life.
I hope to have the dicipline to
put new elements in next time before the old ones wear out
and quit. I charge 3 times a week and would rather
finish sooner than later.
You just need to find a way to fit an extra leg of elements in there. It's like going from a flat six to a V8, and the best part is it doesn't take any extra power to hold temp with the extra elements - and charging is WAY faster. (It also gives you the ability to keep temp after the first element goes down)

As far as element longevity goes, a set really only needs to last as long as the crucible. No sense having the pot crap out a month before the elements (unless you're in the replacement furnace biz - hmmmm).

At 12 months, I can use the break anyway.

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