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Hey Max I donít know how you make your money and maybe thatís not an issue. Some of the nicest shops Iíve seen are from people that come from money or already made their money elsewhere. Iím not trying to judge but it sounds like your kinda in between and not wanting to build it yourself but also not willing to pay to have a hood built.

My advice might not apply for you but I would build the hood from some angle and sheet metal. Easy build compared to everything else in the glass shop.
Iíve used bed rails and roofing tin in the past the yellow hvac board on the inside if you need to insulate it. The beauty of the shipping container is itís all metal weld to it, cut a hole for the fan and sheís done. I happen to have some commercial restaurant fans if your interested. They are the up blast centrifugal exhaust fans you see on the roof or outside wall of a restaurant and do a great job of removing hot exhaust.
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