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Yeah, it will be outside. My bench would be outside the shipping container, with the roll up door open ad equipment inside.

It will need to be able to move enough air when I close it up for the night.

Sky -- I have no problem making stuff. I really don't have the money to throw down the drain, and no real source of income until this pandemic passes.... Built my furnace for example. What I do pay for are electricians and gas plumbers 'cuz I don't care to mess with that stuff.

I'm also good at finding stuff for cheap on craigslist and Facebook marketplace, so if I can buy a nice stainless hood for $150 I'm gonna do that instead of building it myself.

So yeah, a bit inbetween. I'll hit you up about the exhaust fans. I have a 4500cfm upblast but I think that's overkill for this application.
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