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Originally Posted by Heather Hepp View Post
I would take your class on making clear glass.
Heather, I would get a copy of the 4th edition of Glass Notes. Pete wrote an excellent section in there about mixing your own glass. Next, the color making sub-forum here on Craftweb has some posts that are real gems of information. A little more time consuming is searching through the whole site for information but is also very rewarding. The glass notes thing is probably the closest thing there is to an instruction manual. Dave Bross has posted what looks to be a couple of nice clear formulas as a place to start. Expect to pay at least $3000 for the equipment and chemicals to get you started. I think I am paying $.55 a pound for the clear base I am using in the quantities I am buying in. Just as a spitball estimate I would add $.25 per pound in your labor to measure and mix.
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