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Dan Vanantwerp
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Hi Dave, I'm hoping this thread helps anyone else that might want to get into the Brossphate craze so I'm glad you brought the density up. I think the 2.5% is ok but at 3.2% I can really get a solid white. I was getting a fairly patchy effect down lower. In practical terms, multiple reheats just to strike the color really ups the time to make a piece of glass and time is $$.

I would say that my melting technique has gotten better so now I might get a better white at a lower %. Man, the 3.2% is nice though...starts clear and over a couple heats fades to that solid, wet white I think it would also still be possible to get the veiled effect you and others have discussed with less strikes or perhaps a thin strip gather.

Just charged with my latest mix so we'll see if I guessed right and can get a match to Cristalica. I have a match to Pete's older chalcedony recipe at 88.6 LEC. It was still pretty off from Cristalica so I dropped it to 86.5 LEC for this test.

A great example of A fitting B, B fitting C, but A not necessarily fitting C.
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