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Ok, thanks Pete. I think I have been using Burndy lugs all along, these right?:

I'm not sure why you refer to them as hydraulically connected though. Maybe I'm missing something. The ones I have been using have the set screw attachment, which, granted, needs to be checked for tightness, but they seem to rarely be loose there for me. It's more the element strap connections that seem to loosen up where the nuts and bolts are.

Also, is this the Seattle place you recommend?:

If so, I'm wondering how their 350 mcm might differ from what I could have my local electrical supply order in, and maybe save 3000 miles of shipping. The 4/0 welding cable I have been using has dozens and dozens of fine copper strands, maybe closer to 100, which seem to allow it to be quite flexible which seems to be a good thing for this application. But my guess is not all cable has as fine strands inside, and if it were thicker copper wires inside it probably wouldn't bend as well so that it will stay where I lay it and drape it around the top of the furnace. Is that what's special about the Seattle company's cable?
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