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pricing used equipment

I've been trying to sell my studio and gallery as a turnkey package for some time now. At 20K I've had some interest, but no buyers. It's coming time for me to start pricing and trying to sell the hot shop and cold shop equipment as well as the gallery fixtures. Most equipment is 20 years old but well kept. I'm thinking around 20% of what it would cost new. For instance a Somaca 106x4 wet sander sells for around $4500. I'd ask $900. A 24" reciprolap goes for about $2800. I'd ask $500. I'm wondering if some of you have experience in selling as well as buying and if you think 20% of what things would cost new is reasonable? Also, what's been a good way of reaching the glass folks. Of course I don't want to have to ship this stuff, so would need to be picked up in S.F. Bay Area. Any thoughts on this would be helpful. Taking everything at 20K and hauling it away still a great deal. Thanks for any help
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