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Originally Posted by Rick Sherbert View Post
Hey Rollin,What size and kind of wire are you using and how much current are you pulling through each?
Rick, my furnaces are three phase, 208 volt and each has it’s own 125 amp breaker. We ran 2/0 copper wire. It’s been awhile since we set this up. I think originally they were pulling something in the 90 to 100 amps range. I think I dialed it back with the current limiter just because all those amps made me a little nervous. We eventually got them running smooth and I went on to other things, so I never went back and rethought the amp settings.

I find myself a little reluctant to post this info. I went to the handbook to size the wire and then had my Electricians figure it too just to be sure. If you’re thinking of wiring a furnace you should also rely on the handbook and not what I’ve done.

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