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Thanks Steve.
I’d be curious to hear what you guys think of using a copper cable crimp connections rather than the aluminum blocks. The guy that had the local welding supply house made up our replacement welding leads for the gas welders (00 cable) with a neat little crimp tool that fastened the big copper connector to the cable ends,…seems like the copper would be a better connection. What’s the reason you guys don’t use them? ... [yes. I’ve tried to make sure and lube every aluminum electrical connection inside and out with the nolox].

Here’s the latest progress pic…
Used #2 copper wire to power the control panel and also to the transformer. The 0000 cable goes through the side of the transformer and out the other side of the wall to the furnace. I want to cut a hole in the top of the transformer cabinet and mount a small squirrel cage type blower to help cool stuff off. Also, the table is a permanent part of the electrical layout (made it ez’r on the back and knees)

oh yeah...I jobbed out the pannel to Georgia Furnace for $1,600.00 bucks

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