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That's totally legit too. More trying to get that the point that the euro glass isn't "perfect" and the end all be all.

Given my predilection towards constant learning and doing things the hard way the only thing that has stopped me from going the homegrow route was having an optimal studio space. There was a bit of time when I had a color pot in grad school and poked around making stuff out of cobalt, magnesium, and copper; but when compatible color cuttoffs were $1 a lb it didn't make a whole lot of sense to put a ton of time into it. The bottle of arsenic that was mixed in with the samples of artificial flavorings also had me on high alert of the precariousness of my predecessor. If osha ever saw that cabinet... Luckily the facility manager and I were on the same page and got anything questionable expunged.

Currently I'm going a different route, acquiring and fabing my machine shop, powder/ceracoat rig, and anodizing station. Love glass for what it does, love my tool toys about as much.
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