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OSHA was well in the mix back in the late '70's with Hugh Jenkins being poisoned in the R.I.T. shop by arsenic. Big game changer. I still don't like to make enamels due to the 6% arsenic content. I well may this year but the furnace will be outside on the tractor forks. Bullseye made it at night.

Michael does not point out what will happen to them as the EU has told Murano that it is no longer acceptable to make them. That should apply to Kugler and Riechenbach as well. What Mark is doing with the non toxic titanium/ phosphates will become far more important and that field testing has moved to Gaffer, not to the Germans.

Saying Euro glass is perfect is profoundly arrogant. There's a million glasses and they all do different stuff.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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