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I used to love Zimmermann rod mainly because it was so irregular in tonality. He made a glass Paul Marioni lusted after called "mother of Pearl" in three tones, all phosphates all gorgeous. As was often the case incompatible with most of the clear we were using at pilchuck. This was a man who loved color.

I was looking at some pieces in the shop today that have hung around for some time and I had the exact same reaction. Glasses that were wispy turquoise beginning to opalize as you went down the piece, then changing gradually to an amber opal tone. Put them in the sun and they explode in florescent blues. I have a piece in my living room I made years ago which drifts from a ruby to a pale blue. All one color, all thermal history which is what I'm currently pursuing in my colloidal glasses. It isn't going to happen in rod.

There are really colors that don't want to be made into rod at all and i think it's more thermal history stuff. Chalcedonia simply cannot be made as well as a rod comparing it to pot glass.
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