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I'm melting home mixed batch in a wire melter.

The critical thing there is probably the mesh size of the silica. Tom uses 325 mesh in spruce pine and so do I.

See the "virgin batch" thread here about a page back for the particulars.

I'm melting in a 15# furnace that pulls around 10 amps.

Based on Mark Lauckners design it's one 14 gauge 21 ohm element running on 220. A new element from Duralite all wound up and ready to stretch and install is $40. I've been having some crucible failures (see crucible failure threads here)so I don't yet have a handle on how long it will go. I use cheap assay pots for most things and Pete pots for some things that warrant it. The assay pots cost $20 including freight so if an element goes no big loss. If I was to upsize I would still use the assay pots, just more of them. The largest available is around 15 pounds. I don't use a lot of glass, I'm into smaler things, preferably hollow.

More questions? let me know
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