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Frank Wooley had said to me that no chemical was particularly more corrosive in a glass than any other but it was the viscosity of the glass at a fixed temperature that determined how quickly a pot was attacked. In that capacity I think you could assume that Lithium is a very powerful flux for lowering viscosity. A little goes a long way.
As to the GLASMA issues, what Durk says goes contrary to what I have been told over the years. I was told that GLASMA became involved when German environmental law blocked the mixing of the base formulas in Germany. At that time the mix moved to GLASMA and much was standardized. If this were not the case, then it would be inexplicable to me that the company would make so damn many different expansion coefficients. It is not hard to standardize them if one can simply adjust the formula but if it's premixed then you have problems. When Klaus sold the company, my impression was the sale of a formula box and little else. The product suffered quality issues for years and produced a sufficient amount of defective product to cause US suppliers to stop dealing with them. As far as I could see at the time under Frau Fredrich, there was an apparant lack of control over process. They have gone on to build a large factory and try a variety of processes such as cast rod which have had genuine problems.
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