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I asked HKL if he ever talked about COE in his seminar. He said that he did not. He indicated he did know about caculating COE even before he got into glass but seemed to have considered it superfluous. He said he used the empirical (trial and error) approach and knew about making things "fit" from his years as a potter before he got into glass.

An interesting aside is that he did say that he knew both Scholes and Green and that Green had lived in Corning and had worked for his father (J T Littleton) at Corning. Also some years ago HKL told me that he used to play poker with Labino in Toledo when he taught at the Toledo Museum. That would have been in 1950 and 1951 before he moved to Wisc.

I asked when he first knew about Kugler and he said he visited Herr Kugler in Olenburg sp? before he moved to Kaubeuren-Neugablonz but couldn't say what year.

The Wooley data is from his book "Glass Technology for the Studio". I believe that the tests were done in the Corning Labs.

Just to confuse the issues
From Robert Stephen in 1996 come these results (done at Corning Experimental Labratories I believe). These tests were done to the ASTM C336 standard. Annealing Point-499 degrees C (930 degrees F) and Strain Point-461 degrees C (861 degrees F)

We originally got an 890 annealing point from Nick Labino and that is what we put in our literature.

Anybody who asks me about annealing point and annealing gets a whole "song and dance". I tell about how inaccurate thermocouples can be. I then tell them to calibate their annealers using the sag test and mention Henry's book (so that I can tell him how I'm promoting him and stay on his good side). I also mention the need for some kind of polariscope to check for strain.

Some of you may remember the old Wiesenthal sp?. It had the expansions printed on the bars. The first stuff that was availible was just under a 100 COE.

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