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Peter - I agree, expansion was widley taught in the ceramics programs at the time.

Lani - My recolection is this: I worked at Bendheim for a short while and went back to studio work. Therese was at CR Loo and I distinctly remember having conversations with her about them testing some clear glasses and how expensive it was and being surprised how far off the tested numbers were from the calculated. I don't have the catalogs either, but the glasses probably were Gabbert/Louise, SP and maybe East Bay (though this may have come latter). I think there was a Schott in there too.

I don't remember any specific reference in Scholes and am not inclined to go looking having had a hard enough time with it the first time.
But what exactly was that "same thing"?
When the question of fit came up in a workshop the only thing I remember being discussed was expansion. There always was talk about how even if the expansion was the same, sometimes the glasses would still not fit. You are correct in stateing that glassblowers should have known about viscosity being a factor and of course we did, having to deal with it in every piece that has two different types of glass. But no one that I know of knew how to measure it.

My working strategy was to ask around about color fit first. Pull a cane test, if it was way off return the color. Fuse some chips to a rondel and look at through the polariscope, if way off return the color. Maybe make a paperweight with the color and a lot of crystal and look at that. I would sometimes do the ring test, mainly if I wanted to show off. I think this was more testing than a lot of studios did, but not as much as some.
fusing Bullseye (that famous "90" glass) to Desag Artista and because most of it isn't cracking wildly, dealers are listing Desag as a "90" glass - contrary to what the manufacture lists as their measured COE
Copy writers, the bane of truth everywhere.

I doubt that you will ever get a definitive answer to your question.
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