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Lani McGregor
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Originally posted by Steven O'Day
You are correct in stateing that glassblowers should have known about viscosity being a factor and of course we did, having to deal with it in every piece that has two different types of glass. But no one that I know of knew how to measure it.
But you DID know, you just didn't know you knew:

... Pull a cane test... Fuse some chips to a rondel and look at through the polariscope.... Maybe make a paperweight with the color and a lot of crystal and look at that. the ring test,
These are all tests that measure the combined results of COE & viscosity (you can't separate the two). None of these tests measure COE. You DID know how to measure viscosity.

Copy writers, the bane of truth everywhere.

I doubt that you will ever get a definitive answer to your question.
I don't need a definitive answer. I'm just looking for extenuating circumstances to get my husband's sentence reduced for aiding and abetting Bad Glass Science.
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