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The book is not really technical. I does have charts and graph and tables but they don't all have the same information. It has a graph of viscousity coefficient verses temps for "several" glasses against "ordinary material (300C-1000-1200C), next page the same for Corning Code 8391, PPG Pennvernon and LOF Colburn glasses. Then a table with COE of fused silica, boro and soda-lime glass. Then a graph showing a generalized expansion of glass colors with a substrate glass that ranges from 0C to 510C. Individually they don't mean much. But if you mix and match the info anything is possible. I didn't mean to deflect the origins towards Schuler or David. I'm just saying that the book was on the W coast and so was Schuler. If your a young guy wanting to make sheet glass, like several people were attempting at the time, wouldn't you ask around? If some guy who'd worked at Corning was available wouldn't somebody talk to him?

But the earlier statement "When glasses are mixed, it is important that they have the same coefficients of expansion, so that stress is not set up at the interfaces between the different glasses after cooling" is still without enough qualifiers to be applicable to all studio glass situations.
Thats the only sentence in the whole book that doesn't have qualifiers within the sentence. And it actually refers to striae in a clear glass body.

I should be working on my taxes. I'm just working down my procrastination list. I had a very small triumph in the studio yesterday and I'm not set up for any failures till tomorrow so, I'm staying out of there to bask briefly. Its this or taxes respond faster, please!
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