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OMG!! Total Flasback!

Waay back I did Stained Glass and the Ruth Glass -End of Day sheet glass was Totally AWESOME..amazing colors the glass cut like butter.. !!

I went into my secret stash and found I still had several End of Day Ruth Glass Sheets !! yippee!! I had forgotten about them !!

In 1980 Tony Parker came up to Alaska and did a fusing glass workshop.. that was my first exposure to fusing and the first time I heard of COE..
followed by Doug Hansen, (fuser and caster ! ) Ruth Brockman Richard LaLonde,Liz Mapelli , Boyce , (your little buddie..just loved when he pitched his dinner fork at Cathy during dinner... thank G-d his aim sucked ! ) they were all big into teaching compatibality..expansion and COE ..and "TOUTING" B/E Tested Compatible Glass!

my first exposure to issues of COE and "fit" was with fusing and Bulleseye. Glass.. Looks like yur company may be guilty after all Lani.. of "spreading the word" in the 80's Fusng Book# I was a "bible" / manual / guide to fusing.. original book had graphs and charts on testing.. and COE.. !! Followed by Gil Reynolds book..

Therez at CR Loo did do COE charts.. ( I hate to clean !!) and then they were picked up by OCR in their catalog..

Bad Science or not.. seems that Bulleseye Tested Compatible put the concept of COE 'out there' in a huge way.. and it is still out there.. sorta like a Jeannie outta the bottle...too late to put the cork in it.. and yu want to put the cork in the bottle why??

mmmm.. seems that COMPRESSION and TENSION HAVE NOT been mentioned in this discussion, and they are very important to the way a 'blower" uses color bars and base clear!


someone check my memory. on this...

was not the "standard" base glass , for blowers, back in the 80"s, and early 90's Louie cullett??
I seem to remember 'everyone 'used Louie until the day that Louie "changed " their formula and forgot to tell their customers!! and all hell broke loose.. glassblowers lost huge amounts of work as it sat in the just blew/flew apart!

was this not the time when Spruce Pine Batch took hold among glassblowers in a large way?
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