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jeez, I just had to get away from this and do something fun, SO I just did an alchohol intervention, flying from Santa Fe to Denver to LA to Denver and back to Santa Fe in 24 hours. On the way back, I sat next to a valley girl who watched MTV , giggled incessantly and who keep applying a lip gloss that smelled exactly like the little cake in a men's urinal.

Anyway, I did some testing for CR LOO but it wasn't that far back.. I think I did it in about 1996 or whenever Croucher was bringing Gaffer into the market. I do recall asking for formulations on various glasses and getting most of them with the exception of GLASMA who would only supply a stupid pie chart that was useless. My recollection of Theresa's efforts was that she simply collated the responses from various manufacturers. and believed them. ( I mean crap, she believed me,)

I don't have the article right in front of me but my distinct recollection of the 1.5 ten thousandths difference was mentioned specifically in Manner's article.

If you really think about it Paul could take the blame for all of this and get Dan off of his invisible hook, especially since none of us know where Paul is: His article only talked about expansion and never about viscosity as being an issue.

When I say "mention viscosity and eyes glaze over", They do. I wish they didn't but they do. Glassblowers by and large really take no responsibility at all for their materials.They want to be told "It fits" which is essentially what Bullseye tells them. When I mention that the expansion of a certain clear glass being imported wanders all of the time when I test it, I suspect that the viscosity does too, I have no motivation to check it. Even so, glassblowers buy the stuff by the ton and scoff at problems until they inexplicably have them and then it's almost always someone elses fault.. With many of the clear cullets, they are not designed for handblowing but are designed to go thru gob feeders and never have to be mated to another glass type. They were never intended to be used in small shops or matched to "Isotoner" color rods. People want to be lulled into complacency and they really really want to believe that weight gain isn't their fault and that you can lose weight sitting on the couch eating Pizza if you just take Cortisol. Eyes glaze over because being responsible involves real work.

I actually think people would be happier with Heidi Broderbund's 15 percent rule that the beadmakers used to hold up as the first of the ten commandments. Grrr....

The part of the puzzle that never gets answered for me is why German color rods, with their 45 percent lead and their clearly wildly different viscosities will fit ( meaning they don't actually explode) the bulk of clear glasses marketed today in blownware. The expansions aren't far off but the viscosities are and you can visibly see it in the bleeding that occurs when any german stick is applied to the surface of ant clear glass. It's like an ink stain on a white carpet. It fails when you saw it so guess what? People don't saw it and say it fits. Would you stand under a chandelier made with Spruce pine and Kugler's bright yellow opaque? I wouldn't. ( and I know it's not a lead rod.)
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