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So your weights were breaking because of a viscosity mismatch. While the outside set up the inside was still hot. This is how things cool down. By the time your flourine was ready to set up the clear wasn't going to give at all creating tension within the piece. Does your flourine set realy fast once it reaches a certian temperature? My thought is that the glass may be good at creating stress within itself if it's thick enough and then adding the clear over it just makes it worse. Maybe you could have slow cooled it by flashing the thing in the glory hole for ten minutes. Who's got time for that? The clear flourine clear arangement probably helps sandwich that tension a bit. I think the blown ware is structurally stronger at distributing the stress evenly throughout the piece provided that it's round. There isn't such a difference in the rate of cooling from the outside in with blown ware either. I think you gave the best example about what this is all about.
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