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Eveline cancelled late today. Too much in too little time. It really would help to have some vague parameters on the specs. One of the criticism's I had of the Seattle batch cullet was that it was so cheap, it could not be engineered.

China is better than many think. Eveleine could make such things now with some guidance but they would need to know the parameters. Fuel is not Cheap in Shanghai but labor and materials generally are reasonable. It doesn' cost all that much to ship to the West Coast but after that? It becomes logistics.

With the suden influx of expensive cullet that won't really work, prehaps excluding the Booma. it's not a field a sane manufacturer would pursue. Far easier to see who falls by the side of the road for now.

What do you want the stuff to do?
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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