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I have tried the new Everclear and it looks amazing. Super clear, not green tint. Looks amazing when you gather it.

I am having trouble melting it. Can you share some advise? Do you use the same melt profile as the W/er?

I melt in an electric 300 lbs furnace. My melt profile in below.

Preheat and soak for one hour at 2350.
load 25 lbs and push the pile flat. Let cook 45 minutes and stir. Then melt another 30-45 minutes before the next charge.

After pot is full melt at 2350 for 11 hours
drop to 1900 and hold 8 hours, then back to 2130 in four hours.

Results: clean glass no bubbles. Some worms now and again but usually no bubbles, I rarely need to pick bubbles.

With the Everclear this is not working. I was advised to cook 1 hour extra when I switched over. My first two melt profile are....

- first melt
preheat 2360 and soak for 1 hour.
load 25 lbs and push it flat, ...... later I will load bigger charges at the thermal mass grows.
Stir after 45 minutes and then let is melt until all batch is melted another hour. Total time is about 1:45 per charge to full melt.
This adds about 15 minutes longer per charge

Once loaded cook for 13:30 Hours at 2360, drop to 1900 and hold 8 hours, back to 2130 in 4 hours.

results... no cords. 1- 1.5mm bubble randomly but frequent. Small but ugly.

Second Melt:
Preheat at 2370
Load 25lbs stirred at 45 minutes, let it cook for 30 and stir again to break up the small pellets still unmelted. Total time 1:45 minutes.

Soak for 13:30 at 2370. Everything else the same.

Results.... super seedy glass, like it was melted cullet. Still 1-1.5mm bubbles randomly but far more frequently than desired. So tiled of pulling bubbles this week or throwing it in the trash or making stuff I don't need.

What and I doing wrong, I feel lost and clueless.

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