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we regularly took that lab unit up to 1500F which was hard on the hinges but that was the only issue. I used it primarily for fusing Mary Beth's stuff and for heating up color rods. It was still working just fine when I took it out of service after around 20 years. I've seen larger ones made out of restaurant refrigerators. I like that sort of stuff.

John Nickerson built one at one point with Eisenglass or pyrex ( I forget) in the front and he would take stuff up to slumping temps and then manipulate the piece with two rods he had stuffed in the openings like on a sandblaster.

The good old days when you couldn't buy tools. John Bingham and I built virtually all of the big roughers we used. It would take an old Lang base and rework it. Nick did some fabulous drawings of how to do that for the Hot Glass Information Exchange that we published back in 1979. Those drawings are clear as a bell. We made the wheels from drops in bridge abutment steel and those beasts were up to 2 inches thick by a minimum of 30 inch diameter. They weighed up to five hundred pounds and I think cost about 100 dollars each after being clear faced on both sides with a center punch of 1.29. You needed about five friends to change a wheelhead.

"You must have 100 kilns" Amen to that.
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