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you and I have talked about the panel quite a bit. The trouble I see with Silver is that it's like herding cats to use it. It's the only element which can actually show every color in the spectrum but it really works best drawn from the pot under stringent atmospheric control, rate of draw, how it's drawn, blah blah blah. Cadmium and selenium colors are much more like shooting fish in a tuna can.
These days, I'm just working full pots of silver glasses with no clear at all and the variety of color is really remarkable. I don't think it will convert well into Murrini though.

I do think the EU is shooting itself in the foot though. Baghouse and Torit filters are quite effective as Gaffer has shown for twenty years now.

Where does lead usage show up for the EU as a concern?
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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