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Sorry I missed seeing you, Josh. I think the crackdown on lead started many years ago in Europe, although it might not be a total ban--the Germans seem to use a lot of it in their colors. But that's what led to the development of Glasma's barium glasses (which were marketed as "non-lead crystal" in the glasriket).

But it sounds like the new regs about heavy metals are going to be much more unforgiving. Dan Schwoerer began arguing for baghouse technology from the audience at that lecture, claiming 99% eliminations, but it wasn't received well by the panel. 0% emissions was their preferred tolerance. Dan pivoted then, and claimed that diesel emissions posed a far greater health hazard than stray bits of cadmium floating through your neighborhood...but that didn't go down well, either.

It could be the case that they're making the good the enemy of the perfect. Where does that end? As was mentioned, cobalt was on their list of potential hazards. In the notes that Josh linked to, they mention the possibility of re-melting cadmium-bearing cullet (essentially exporting toxic emissions to non-EU countries) as long as there were 0% emissions from that.
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