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Wow, eutectic. Have to admit I had to look it up, great word though.. What you mentioned about glasses undergoing changes brings to mind one noticeable shift I witnessed in the heat treatment cycles that these murrini tend to go through. (besides the green issues I've already been scratching my head about) I've melted your fluorine mix several times as you know Pete, and I really have liked working with it for the most part. I'd been hitting the expansion pretty spot-on with most of those melts (with ring testing). Also, a piece I made with a pre-made, cooled and reheated part with the fluorine white survived subsequent coldworking. But the murrini I made and used with it was a different story. That would have gone through 3 heat cycles: one for pulling filigrana-style cane with it surrounding a duro color, two for bundling those canes, reheating and pulling into murrine, and three for incorporating those slices into a piece. Both tries didn't even make it through annealing. But I did have a piece survive that was just made with the murrini, no clear case. So that said, I'd been curious if or how one could go about adjusting a formula to be more likely to remain compatible with the base glass even after multiple heat cycles.
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