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The "cut it out" was addressed to Rich, not to you. I think the chemistry of glass is inevitably a difficult subject and I struggle with trying to explain what I know and don't know. It's worth noting how many stuffed volumes in binders I have doing melts over fifty years. It's equally worth noting how many of those melts have been abandoned by me.
There are some compounds that if you add too much, there will be profoundly bad results. Chrome, Fluorine, lithium, barium, boron are a few of the biggies. Then just simple overdoses of cobalt, copper, nickle, cadmium, selenium are going to give you heartburn and me a new crucible customer. Given the notion that anything above 1% as an additive is probably going to throw the Linear expansion all to hell is reasonable indicator of wretched excess but is adjustable. Sort of. I remember when in reading Mark's notes which the classes all got that his opal began to devitrify after seven hours on the blowpipe as a beacon for you to think about. I continue to suspect that much of this modern glass will have issues somewhere down the road. But, like with global warming, it's not our problem, right?

The amount of literature available to the modern glassmaker is profound and deep compared to what I was aware of as a young man. Volf alone is huge. Color rods now satisfy what most glassblowers want. When I was a kid, color rods were not in this country. I still have an old promo folder from RISD showing all these sample experiments in color testing on the cover. They were very proud of that.
That's pretty much gone now. From my point of view its disappearance has diminished the potential for great artwork, not to say that there isn't still great artwork, there is. Just try to think about what it would be like if you could gather 5lbs of Gold Ruby. It would be pricey but not impossibly expensive. It's true of every color out there, so, I keep hacking at it. I'm glad you do as well.
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