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The question of craft vs art really shouldn't be seen as needing a definitive answer, but as a measurement along a spectrum. The real qualifiers for me are the desired response from an object; weather that be emotional, monetary, technical recognition, wanton superiority, or any number of variables.

Realistically any good art has to be built on good craft, you can't make great art if you can't make great things. If your idea is grandiose, but your execution is half asses, or whole asses as homer would put it, then you've just made a steaming pile of crap. Art I guess, but it needs to be done better. Do you have to make it for it to be phenomenal? Donno, ask Michelangelo.

"Glass artist" is a crutch for recognition in a niche market. A real artist should keep their mind open in terms of materials and technique. Sorry guys, but sometimes blown glass is just not the best option.

On an aside, I'm just back from SOFA, and Habatat had a really kick ass side exhibit of contemporary glass. Good amount of fresh names and work. Overall SOFA was the smallest I've seen, but I'm attributing that to the construction going on at the Pier. Glass was predominant, and was sculpture and casting heavy. Good amount of red dots to somebody's still buying.
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