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One of the interesting things about galleries is that they don't actually own the work. It's consigned so they have no cash on the table and their real costs are brick and mortar along with salaries ( maybe) and ads.

In the earlier days of all this, most of the artists shown in these galleries were in scholastic retreats and they used school facilities as well as supplies to make work so they to had no money in the product.

When they got together, the opportunity was there to simply create a price out of thin air. Those prices were always noticably higher than the prices for work that independent shops were charging who had real world costs. It certainly was the case that the schools and galleries hated the independent shops and I always thought it was about cash.

I remember when Ferd was complaining about prices being seen at early SOFA's. I think he did not believe the work would sell and that proved wrong. Peiser, interestingly complained about pricing at one GAS conference yet Mark was one of the first to lead the charge in pricing it all way up. That was around 1977. Dale measured himself against everyone based on sales price. Harvey did as well. None of it matched against oil on canvas or sculpture in marble or bronze until Billy Morris pushed those boundaries. But Fritz was right "Money changed Everything."
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