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Originally Posted by Shawn Everette View Post
The standard one time use is silica and plaster, I've used other silicates like diatomaceous earth with some success.

The best success boost has come from being able to back up a mold with a "container". Either by pouring your mold in a steel box or can, or banding thin sheet around it.

I haven't cast with the bomma yet, but most of the time with cullet you will end up seeing the ghost of every piece. You can sometimes get around it if you do the flower pot method.
"The ghost of every piece" Indeed. I remember when Gary Beecham was pulling cane at Pilchuck back in '76 and he kept 8 inch diameter PVC tubes that had caps for both ends. As fast as a cane was pulled, it went into a tube until it would be used. Cullet collects dust in the very process of being removed on a rack from the furnace and as Dan Fenton used to say ( RIP Dan) "Glass remembers everything you ever do to it."
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