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I too used kaolin, but that didn't seem to perform any better than the silica. It seemed to change the viscosity of it too, and I wasn't as fond of it. Picking it out of your arm hair is the worst.

The head of the sculpture department thought silica was the devil (he hated glass grads too) so I was forced to experiment with a number of alternatives. Not that any of them were healthier for you. The diatamacious worked best, but you have to get the powdered version(home depot), kitty litter works for shit. In the end we went back to siica, just dumping it into unmarked containers, he rarely went to our department and couldn't tell silica from powdered sugar.

I agree on the fiberglass vs the metal. Had better results and the metal would stain the glass if it made contact with the glass.

With the metal container process you eliminate blowouts and there is no contact made with the glass.

I've been happy with bullseye from a devit standpoint, not the cleanest or colorless.
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