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I just got some recently and it is the 07/21/2019 run. (shipped from Atlanta)

It fines out just fine for me at 2150f and walking away and doing nothing else. I am just giving it a run to see where it falls compared to SP and how much of a difference it makes in how I work/time. If I was wire this would be what I used. Right now I am on the fence. It does need to work a bit hotter than SP and has, to me at least, a slightly different lockup on the backend. Other than that decent glass.

Furnace: Moly: 2150f load up, put it about 20lbs every 45 min until full. Blow the next morning no issue and never touch the temp. Work it at 2100f. I worked SP at 2050f.

I think I am going to ask for Pete's mix next time and see how I like it. Hell I might even mix my own if I could find a decent silica supplier.

Originally Posted by Shawn Everette View Post
You got a production date on that?

I'm about to the end of the stuff I bought June '19 with a March '19 bag date. The stuff I just bought is from May-July '19. Sure doesn't seem like there moving through it that fast.

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