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One of the old time contributors here referred to SP as "Randomly pelletized bags" which seems pretty funny to me. You might check in with Ed to see how old those bags were and where they were stored. I get mine done as "Snowflake which has a lot less water in the mix but I don't find it to be dusty compared to what I mix up for myself.
Bags are a real problem in moly's. They settle in with you wrapped around the elements seemingly forever. In my classes, the reason I used bags was for precision placement in the furnaces. The pots virtually were touching each other and over shooting was not a good plan. The bags were in the ladle. I don't use bags at all on my own. I ladle it in, I run the vents, I close the door.

It's really rare for me to see adequate ventilation. Santa Fe was great. Chocorua is not as great.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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