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I am encouraging you to try to get away from the dichromate. It does produce hexavalent chromium which is well established as a carcinogen. Iron chromite would help with making the bottle green without those same issues. The great difficulty with chrome is its refractory nature and inability to be taken into solution. I have not been out to the studio to pursue recipes in the library but John Croucher and I were discussing this very issue a few months ago.
It would help to place any chromium compound you use in some lithium carbonate prior to the overall mix giving it a nice bath in some pretty aggressive stuff. I do that when making my dense black. These days, I use a juicer I got at a flea market. I got lots of them actually. They never last all that long.

I don't see why manganese would be helpful at all.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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