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No one got hurt we are all good!


Just got power back.

Just got water back.

All my fences are gone. Still no internet or AC. Tree pancaked the condenser and crushed the duct work in more than a couple places in the roof.

A live oak with the trunk size of a 300 lbs furnace fell over into our house and breached the roof. Lots and lots of water with all that wind was scary but no one was hurt.

I have very serious structural damage to the house on two walls and the roof and a hole about the size of a VW bug that split the cross beams. We have moved everything out of those areas and sealed it off from the rest of the house. It is wet, stinky, and ripe with mold already.

4 large water oaks in my yard down but only two hit the house. I have them both cleared off now and I have become quite good at small engine repair, roof work, and could have been a decent lumberjack. I am also down about 10 silver lining?

The Shop:

Amazingly little to no damage. Put some frax around the gather port and she coasted down without a hitch. I had emptied the pot pretty low leading into it and did not charge expecting a extended power loss. Boy did I get it.

Had a tree bounce off the back of the shop but it is all filled cinder blocks. Literally filled with river rock and cement. They did things a bit different 50 years ago when they built this place I think they expected a to have to use this place as a fort the way the built it. When I say bounce it really did no damage other than a little cosmetic work. Power and AC are back on at the shop and that is where I am now. Just a mess everywhere here. Not as bad as Ivan but still bad. More damage to my home this time around less damage to the shop. As Pete says no free lunch something was gonna get hit.

Long road ahead. Lots of work to do but everyone is ok and I can fix the rest.

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