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We are all good. I demoed the rooms and tarped it to get the wet stuff out the last couple of days. Adjusters just left.

My father made me laugh have today when he said "What does not kill you sure will piss you off!". We are solidly in toss crap to the curb mode now and just whole sale chunking anything that we don't need....sort of a forced purge even if it was not damaged because we don't have the space really.

No need to pull from other resources we have good insurance, we are healthy/safe, and I have a good support system with family and friends.

Thanks for all you well wishes. Now, as soon as I can get some AC I will be right as rain...until them I am sleeping at the shop in the office with the AC/Internet/TV and my pinball machines. Life could get a lot worse...really I am lucky compared to some and I know it so I am thankful for that.

Cheers everyone have a good weekend.

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