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If I look at the economy right now, it should be well on the way to dismal by Feb. All these state and local govts have to have balanced budgets and they will be in massive layoff mode, flat broke from virus fighting. All the service industries that are begging for help like the airlines will be laying off. 30 Million people will be getting evicted from their homes in the very near future and their landlords will not be able to pay their lenders either. This is all profoundly serious and it did not need to happen. An awful lot of people who know are saying "Depression".

Congress needs to be bailing out an awful lot of people and industries right now. Contesting the election will just make it worse. In 2016, 70,000 ballots were cast absentee. So far in 2020, try 4 million. I suspect the plan is moving to if Trump contests the vote, they'll move to get the cabinet to remove him under the 25th amendment. The GOP isn't supporting him at this point. He's really gone off the deep end. Gold Star families gave me Covid? Obama should be indicted and jailed? Its nuts and its super dangerous.

If there are shows, I'd be amazed.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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