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Originally Posted by Steve Lazer View Post
Good afternoon all after a very tumultuous run through COVID that cost me my bride I am trying to return to some normalcy. I am looking for recommendations on glass for the kiln cast. Pete Id be happy to use your formula, but am still looking at a kiln cast. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

Thanks all.
That is just so sad. I hate this man.

My friend Eveline wrote me today and maybe Wang Kai would sell cullet from our Shanghai shop. We knew it cost .04 lb to ship across the pacific as a container load and they could make the stuff. It' is my last formula which is still nice stuff. I have never talked to them about making the stuff I designed for Spruce Pine, which is a better glass period. But the devil is in the details.

Spruce Pine will mix it but I don't have anyone to melt it and make it into cullet besides Shanghai. I could melt it here in small quantities here but it would be costly to process and ship. . Maybe get someone up there to melt it.
Beautiful stuff.

I have a few tons of Schott in an LF 5 and an f2 some in slabs and some buckets full of drops. but it would have to be picked up here. Also a ton of an Neodymium pile of slabs. There's lots of other slab as well. I don't see us doing more with that.
Where are we going and why am I in this basket?
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