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David this was a valuable contribution. The information is out there but needs to complied and presented like this for comparison.
Not too many years ago electric melting was very experimental. Industry had used it for years but getting down to the studio level took time. The contollers had to be discovered and every way of using electricity required experimentation.
Right now in fuels, everything except natural gas and propane seem to have the "alternative" label. Once again though industry has worked all of this out on their scale just not on ours. The same is true for recuperation. Economics is driving us to be exploratory and experimental but we aren't really creating nuclear fusion. Fortunately, we can get most of the high tech materials and refractories if we can find out about them. It is putting all of these together that will give us the best results. Every time I rebuild, I do it differently. I am running a studio now for less than three times what it cost in 1972. With our recent cost increase, propane is over eight times as expensive as it was then. Materials, design and some innovation are all pieces in the puzzle.
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