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I wouldn't buy a welder from a Big Box Store. Nobody at Lowes or Home Depot will be able to answer future tech questions (if you can even find a sales person) and chances are they will never have the best prices on consumables, gloves, goop to keep the nozzle clean, and other related items. Even if you have to spend a few bucks more at a Welding Supply Store, the purchase will be worth it and in some cases will let you test drive the machines. They will have an easier time getting machines repaired and back into service than the dunces at Lowes. Develope a relationship with a welding supply store and you will be rewarded.

I wouldn't spend a lot on a the least expensive mig welder because for just a little more money you should be able to find a lightly used, higher amped unit at a Welding Supply Store, Ebay or Pawn Shop. As more and more people "Crack Out" or venture further into debt, Pawn Shops and Used Tool Stores will be brimming with treasures. Make sure that you wont be stuck with a flux core only situation or you might as well buy a stick welder.

The only thing I wouldn't suggest buying at a Welding Supply Store are the 90/45 degree magnets. Buy those at Harbor Freight when they are on sale for $2. Do, however, spring for the expensive 90 degree clamps at the Welding Supplier if you need them. The Chinese only seem to make crappy 87 and 93 degree clamps for $10 and they aren't any help at all.

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