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TC Robertson
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I have to admit only owning a welder for a short time. I have worked on and built studios for 25 years, and it was always a loaner or the school's. The one I currently "borrow" is a Miller thunderbolt, oldy but a goody. The guy it belongs to recieved several hundred $ in lampshades so it may be a permanent loan.
I got a little Sears wire rig and the gas setup was missing, that flux core wire sucks! I imagine it will be good for thin sheet.

Oh, I did get one those Harbor Fright self darkeners, done several thousand (we used rebar in our product) welds with no problem. Once an assistant let it fill with H2O, still fine after it dried out. A little foggy for a while.

I swear welders have been $75 used for eternity, seems to be a very common price.

The welders sunburn is a real concern, and it may cause wrinkles.

Later, TC
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