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Originally Posted by Art Ciccotti View Post
I have been working on the roll up technique using knobs. Like the ends of pieces that have been pulled off to make what I call a monkey bread plate. This process is particularly interesting to me and I would like to develop it. And so I would like to work with other options to enhance my designs. So my question/s is what types of flat glass (companies) work well with Spruce Pine Batch. What are the different factors to consider when combining a flat glass with SP? Also are there certain colors of rod (Kugler,Reichenbach,, Zimmermann) that do not work well with the flat sheets? I know that is a bad question because of many varibles. I am thinking like particular known color combinations of sheet #'s and bar? What companies sell the flat stuff (sources)?
Also, I am going to experiment with a ceramic kiln shelf/kiln & kiln wash. How do I go about keeping the wash particles off the glass? I ve seen different people use a wicker brush, or some sort of brush?
Art Ciccotti
Ok I have to ask. Could you please post a pic or a link of what your making? I'm not sure I know what a "monkey bread plate" is.

I love the fusible sprectrum 96 line they also have frit, powder and cane.
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