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Scott Garrelts
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Steel is ok for really small pickups, but for anything sizeable a steel plate is going to weigh a ton more than the equivalent sized plate of kiln shelf. I often pickup from a kilnshelf plate that's 12 x 20". If it was made from steel it'd be impossible to move around. I just don't see the benefit--steel just seems totally unecessary.
I use kilnshelf(14" square) when i fuse murrini in the gloryhole, by myself. I cant afford to lug around 10 extra iron pounds and open doors and tool and......... I still use a steinart iron cane marver for plain old straight cane. I just put the whole thing in the garage and roll over it with a strip gather over a bubble. I like being able to use thick/thin cane in the same roll up and those grooves make that possible by allowing me to space the cane.

ive experimented with mild steel, stainless steel and kilnshelf for glory fusing. hands down KILN SHELF!! One LIGHT coat of kiln wash can last you many fusings. before you use it, just run your finger over it and if you see white, your ok. at least this has been my experiance. you can cut pieces of kilnshelf to put on the sides of your cane/murrini so the edges dont get to hot and melty before the middle does.

I know a guy who fuses a lot of sheet glass in a kiln and he seems to prefer Spectrum. He says bullseye has more bubbles. Pull your own cane....just do it, dont buy it.
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