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Originally Posted by David Patchen View Post
You should search the archives for threads on these different topics--there's a ton of info on kilnwashing shelves, compatability, etc. I think what you'll find will add up to this:

- The only flat glass that you can gather over is System 96 stuff. I've used lots of Uroboros, but I think Spectrum makes it too. I've never had any compatibility issues w/System 96 and Spruce Pine. Its generally pretty soft stuff so you have to be extra careful with it or you'll have sticking problems.
- If you're combining rod with Sys96 flat glass you'll probably do best by using color by the same manufacturer (I'd pickup flat for small stuff like lips) or use rod that's specifically designed for 96 like Gaffer or Pete's Flying Colors. You can find Kugler, and the others that may fit, but you're probably more likely to have problems. No matter what, casing your flat glass w/SP before adding colors from other manufacturers you'll probably reduce your chances of trouble. Sometimes color is fits the clear but it won't fit the other color so a layer between the two helps.
- Wash your plates really evenly w/something like bullseye kiln wash just enough for full coverage, let them fully dry, then *don't overheat your glass* on it. If you're careful you won't have any sticking and after you pick up you can use a small handheld brush or moist cotton rag to quickly wipe off any dust. If it sticks you've either gotten the glass too hot or done a poor job of washing. Take short flashes to warm it up--don't just let it sit in the hole or the edges will flow and stick.

Good luck!
Hello David,
Thanks for the input. So as I understand what you 're saying is that the spruce pine 87 works with the spectrum and at least some of the colors of Kugler? And that layering the spruce pine between colors of say spectrum and kugler could reduce chances of trouble?
Art Ciccotti
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