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I've been wondering about this too...

David P. mentions above "The only flat glass that you can gather over is System 96 stuff....I've never had any compatibility issues w/System 96 and Spruce Pine."

Why is it that System96 (96COE) works well with Spruce Pine (87COE)? Is the fact that its a thin sheet allow the COE diff to be absorbed with some stress in the glass that is not enough to snap it?

Also, I've seen videos and heard people talk about "Bullseye Rollups", but bullseye does not seem to produce a product that is marketed to or even suitable for furnace work. However, thier website says thier products with the "fusable" tag are 90COE...which means it should work (even better) than the System96?

Anybody out there done any furnace work picking up Bullseye on a collar and gathering over it?

Are there any other products besides Sys96 and Bullseye that might work with Spruce Pine batch?
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