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My studio mate is a fuser who uses Bullseye glass. She has around a ton of scrap clear laying around the shop.

Last year I had her buy a pot for my furnace and now whenever she wants when we are otherwise down, we'll throw in her pot for a week or two and sandcast the Bullseye. It works pretty well as a hot casting glass - no devit, but some green shows in the thicker pieces.

I've done a rollup of her sheet stock by gathering the collar for the pickup and applying a big cookie foot gathered from the pot. I have also spent a small amount of time playing with it as a blowing glass and while I don't find it to be a spectacular glass, I was able to make several goblets with it that were very okay by my goblet standards.

I use the same melt cycle I use for the 96 spectrum nuggets and get satisfactory melts (elevate to 2165 for 3 hours and soak at 2000 thereafter - it kicks off the antimony mono/pentavalent thing). There are some cords, especially at the bottom. Stirring it helps a lot.

It'd be an expensive clear to blow if not utilizing scrap from a fusing operation. Being able to have it hot changes our working possibilities in a pretty big way.

That's all right. I never expected there to be a blue light special on enlightenment...
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