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kiln wash

Because I do many firings of small work and I do not go over 1450 F, I find that I can get several firings out of one wash.
I apply it to a cold shelf (well so cal cold, 90 F humidity 20%)and I use a 4 inch brush. I just make complete strokes across my 14 inch shelf, then I turn it 90 degrees and do it again. I make 5 or 6 coats. When I am done fusing I just sand lightly with a 220 grit sponge block. Then wipe off with a dry rag to remove dust. The fuse marks go away and it's just like new. I am using that blue kiln wash that changes color after full fusing temps, but I never get that hot.
Even if my application is wonky, I just sand lightly and I am good to go.
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