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Originally Posted by Doug Harroun View Post
At first I considered electric elements. Being electrically inclined the wiring and power is a non-issue for me. SiC was out of the question. I know a few people using them and the replacement cost of shot elements would run higher than the cost of gas. Moly elements look better, but the _VERY_ high initial investment was the factor that pushed me back towards gas.

Also, unless you live near a wind farm or hydro plant you power is most likely coal/gas/oil based anyways, why deal with a loss in conversion?

Right now I pay about $0.015-$0.02 per kWh for gas. For electricity it's $0.1085 per kWh.

So I'm still pretty sure I'm building a gas furnace.

...unless someone knows a source for moly elements for less than $100 each.
It's a real good thing to survey your environment when considering whether to go electric or gas. Especially paying attention to how the electricity is billed. Can you say Max Demand and Power Factor ? Natural gas prices at the wholesale level are way low right now. Will they say there ? Is your gas supplier passing on the reductions to you ?
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