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Basic Question...

I am building a gas fired, freestanding 300 lb crucible furnace. My question is about the platform / base.

I am starting with a 3" x 3" x 1/4" angle iron frame mounted to 4" steel casters. 3/16" plate steel rests in this frame, and the bricks are are layed on the pale steel. I was thinking of doing a one inch layer of ceramic fibre insullation board on the bottom, then a layer of 2300 soft brick, then a layer of hard brick. (Clippers)

Henry's book shows a layer of hard brick, then alayer of 2300 soft brick,then another layer of hard brick. Is the bottom layer of hard brick necessary? It seems the insullation board on the bottom would conserve more heats.I want to keep the gathering port as low as I can, and that would shave an inch and a half off the hight.That would add up to37" as the hight for the sill of the gathering port. On my old furnace, the sill was at 33", and I was comfortable with that hight.

Any comments or suggestions on the make-up of the base would be appreciated. Also is there any standard for the hight of the gathering port?
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